Dreaming of dog fighting , dog biting dog. A crisis signal that events related to criminal justice will occur.

Dreaming of a group of dogs fighting indicates that the dreamer may have some trouble finding you in the near future. You should always pay attention to your words and deeds, avoid conflicts of quarrels, and handle some troublesome things carefully. This will make it through smoothly.

Dreaming of a group of dogs fighting and making terrible roars indicates that you may have conflicts in the near future. You must pay attention to your own words and deeds, speak carefully, avoid conflicts, and be careful to cause trouble that shouldn't be caused. It won't be fishy.

Dreaming of a dog biting a dog represents a dispute between right and wrong, usually related to a quarrel. A big dog and a puppy may represent two people you know in life, one strong and one weak, or a big dog usually represents moral loyalty, and a puppy symbolizes innocence Innocence is the conflict between these two beliefs. In your inner thoughts, obviously you are not going to interfere in this aspect, but you will still be affected involuntarily.

Dreaming that dogs and dogs bite each other indicates that the dreamer may quarrel with others or cause troubles, and suffer losses due to this.

Dreaming of a dog biting a dog indicates a crisis signal of an incident related to criminal justice. ( Dreamsmeaning Book )

Dreaming of seeing dogs fighting indicates that you may want to mediate disputes between friends and pay attention to methods.

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Dreaming of dogs fighting, dogs biting dogs, big stocks go up and down violently, causing chaos, and the dream of dogs mating is also a precursor to rising. The dream of a bitch giving birth to a puppy indicates an increase in capital.

Dreaming about dog fighting and dog biting a dog

Dream description: I am a woman . Last night I dreamed that a big dog I raised was fighting with another big black dog that was very ferocious. At that time, I was standing outside the iron fence and looking at it. There seemed to be many people nearby. Later, my dog ​​was injured by a big black dog and lost one eye. I quickly opened the fence to release my dog ​​and ran home with him . After I got home, he kept bleeding and I was very scared.

Dream analysis: represents your original belief. And your childlike innocence. In addition, it may also be related to the people you cared about in the past, family and friends. A very fierce dog represents other ideas in your life that affect you.

My view on your dream is: you have to like someone, or you are liking someone, you have to pay a little bit for you, or get hurt, but it is not really "seeing blood". Also: Your opinions and ideas have received opposition and blows. Although you are unhappy, you still comfort yourself. It doesn’t matter. The injured dog becomes your "white dog prince", that is, you are stubborn and insist on your own opinions, and you feel yours. The practices and ideas are right!

In dreams, dogs generally express loyalty from friends’ advice, self-precautionary awareness, and human personality expresses loyalty, which is justified by friendship between China. But what you dream is not the same as in ordinary dream interpretation. I study psychology. Dogs represent good male friends around you. Others are very good and very real. Maybe you are all watching each other, and the dog fight is just one time. Triggering an event means that if you want to become boyfriend and girlfriend, you must have the help of a third party.