Dream of water leech, suggesting that you could have obtained the benefit of the enemy will be destroyed.

If you dream of someone putting a medical leech on you for the purpose of curing a disease, then someone in your family will get a serious illness (if you can survive it yourself).

To dream of putting medical leech on someone else means that your friend will get sick or your friend is in trouble.

Dreaming of leeches biting you indicates that you will encounter danger unexpectedly. Be careful of the warnings of this dream.

A woman dreams of leeches, she may lose money.

Dreaming of leeches sticking to your legs means that there will be a lot of income into the account, and the staff's income will increase.

Dreaming of locusts indicates that I will be upset recently. Although it is small, it is very troublesome.

Dream leech, loach, etc. are significantly less horseleech slip of the female was mostly negative, borrowed from Western dream analysis indicated snake, loach, eel, and other rope-like strip, the psychological suggestion to refer resistance, biasing means having Offensive male.

A man dreams of a leech. You must have something wrong in your career. You have encountered a powerful character, but this dream has told you that you have to be bold and careful. The final winner is you. Snakes and loaches are both slippery things. Being feminine means to harm you secretly, but your dreams cleverly break this barrier and have nothing to do with Sichun.

Dreaming of a locust sucking blood will lead to misunderstandings among friends. Because a word accidentally said is misunderstood, it is likely to be criticized by relatives and friends. But as long as you try to explain the misunderstanding clearly, it is not difficult to get friendship.

A woman dreams of a leech sucking blood, indicating that you are lucky and everything is going well during this period of time. Running a business together with others can be successful. To be popular and avoid disputes with others.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Leech, the master woman lost her fortune. Dreamsmeaning Book