To dream of hitting the bull's eye indicates that you will receive important news.

To dream of someone hitting the bull's eye is to remind you that your opponent is very powerful and never underestimate the enemy.

To dream of a pair of big bull eyes staring at yourself, be careful, it may indicate that someone is looking for opportunities to hurt you.

Young people in love dream of such bull's-eyes, it also indicates that a rival may appear and take your lover away.

Cattle dream eye redness, pay attention to health, may be raw glass

The girl dreamed that the bull's eyes were full of bloodshot eyes, which also hinted at the subconscious fear and expectation of sex.

To dream of a bull's eye being stabbed, be vigilant, you may be attacked by others, or longing for stimulating sex in your heart.

To dream of ox-eye erosion, be careful, don't just focus on the immediate benefits and end up losing.

Dreaming of bull's eyes is particularly bright and clear, indicating that you have a clear goal, seize the opportunity to act, and you will surely succeed.

Dreaming of dim and godless bull's eyes or closed bull's eyes may indicate your inner anxiety or communication difficulties with others.

To dream that the bull's eye is shining, a good thing, indicates that you will make a profit in your investment, and you may achieve gratifying results in bonds and the stock market.

Dreaming of dust entering the bull's eye indicates that you may lose something or encounter a thief, so be vigilant.

Dreaming of gray bull's eyes reminds you that you may encounter emotional liars, be careful, and don't be too easy to believe in other people's rhetoric.