Pumpkin masters debauchery. Dreaming of pumpkin means being healthy, bohemian, and hating worldly life. If you dream of growing a lot of pumpkins and picking a large basket and carrying it back, it is a bad omen.

Dreaming of pumpkins indicates a happy and comfortable family life.

To dream of eating pumpkins means the yearning and pursuit of a free life.

To dream of picking pumpkins is a bad omen, which implies that you will get into trouble because of your unruly life.

If you dream of picking old pumpkins, your behavioral fortune tends to decline, reminding the dreamer to be cautious about your words and deeds and not to be too rash, otherwise you will make a fool of yourself or other embarrassing things will happen;

Dreaming that the pumpkin is ripe indicates that the dreamer will have gains or new deeds in work and life, and will make his life more fulfilling and happier.

To dream of eating pumpkin rice is very sweet, indicating that the dreamer's future life will be as sweet as pumpkin rice.

A man dreams of a pumpkin indicates that his job or career will be successful.

A woman dreams of pumpkins indicates that she has a happy family life, her husband loves herself very much, and it may also indicate pregnancy .

The person   preparing to take the exam dreams of a pumpkin, reminding the dreamer that he does not need to opportunistically cheat and plagiarize, and his exam results will satisfy him.

An office worker dreams of picking a pumpkin, which means that the dreamer spends more time secretly at work, has his own secret plan, does not like the interference and help of others, and will give colleagues a mysterious feeling;

Entrepreneurs dream of picking old pumpkins, indicating that the dreamer has good fortune and has the energy to make money, and will increase income with his own strength. In addition, it also reminds the dreamer not to be too casual in spending.

Dreaming that a big pumpkin is formed on the pumpkin vine indicates that the dreamer can get good luck and achieve good results.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming of pumpkins means love affairs. Dreamsmeaning Book

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: dreaming of pumpkin means good health. Also, because of the longing for a free life, I hate the worldly life and don’t like being restrained. I don’t like to follow the rules of thinking about problems, doing things, and dealing with the big and small details in life. Consider the same way of thinking as others, and be good at innovation. Psychological analysis: dreaming of pumpkins generally symbolizes a good harvest and harvest, especially the dream of ripening pumpkins is more auspicious; in addition, it may be that the dreamer hates the worldly life because he yearns for an unfettered life, hates the worldly life, and does not like being restrained; Dreamers think about problems, do things, and deal with all the details of life. They don't like to think in the same way as others, and are good at innovation.

Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual point of view, pumpkin symbolizes a good harvest and harvest.