The color of hay is similar to gold, and turning green grass into hay is like the process of turning commodities into wealth.

In the dream, hay is a symbol of wealth.

To dream of selling hay means to lose money.

Dreaming of drying grass is a harbinger of wealth. The items you have accumulated can bring you huge profits through sales. .

Dreaming of buying hay means that life is in short supply and the family’s money is only enough to make ends meet. Try to make money to support the family.

Dreaming of haystacks means that life will be prosperous.

Dreaming that you are carrying hay and storing them in the warehouse, you will surely have good luck, and having a good business will bring you huge profits.

To dream of carts of hay transporting across the street indicates that you will meet a powerful stranger who will bring you a lot of happiness.

To dream of storing hay implies that you will help others. The people you have helped support and care for you with enthusiasm and help you reach a higher position.

Dreaming that the grass on the haystack is burning, and that it burns more and more, this implies that you will be more and more smooth in your work, and you will soon become more and more prosperous.

To dream that you are harvesting straw, this dream may indicate that the dreamer’s recent fortune is very good, especially if the dreamer is a businessman, the dreamer’s business will be more prosperous in the near future and he can earn more wealth , Is a good sign of good luck.

Dreaming that you are burning straws may indicate that the dreamer's career is moving towards the peak. It is recommended that the dreamer continue to persevere, make persistent efforts, and strive to create a glory of his own.

Dreaming of straw stacks indicates that the dreamer’s family income will increase, and therefore the dreamer’s family life will become more prosperous. A prosperous family life is the foundation of family warmth, harmony and happiness. A good dream.

Case analysis of dreaming about hay

Dream description: I dreamed that my mother 's house became a ruined house, and the ground in the house was full of hay.

Dream analysis: This dream shows that your mother is a frugal person. This is a good dream. It indicates that your wealth will increase and your life will get better and better.