Dreaming of big trees means that the body will be very healthy.

Dreaming of a withered tree indicates that the dreamer's body will be infected.

Dreaming that a branch of the big tree withered, indicates that some of the brothers and sisters of the dreamer are going to be sick.

Dreaming that the tree is broken indicates that something that will worry you will happen.

Dreaming of the big tree bends, then some of the master’s brothers and sisters are in trouble.

Dreaming that the tree is verdant and full of vitality indicates that the dreamer has a rich family business.

Dreaming of cutting down a giant tree is a sign of losing money. Be careful of your investment and analyze the risks.

Dreaming that a big tree suddenly collapses indicates that the labor force at home will be overwhelmed, because it will lose the source of income.

To dream of trees withering means that the family is about to be disturbed, the main source of income of the family will be interrupted, and the family will be in decline.

Dreaming of big trees falling leaves indicates that someone in the family is going to be sick.

Dreaming of climbing a big tree means that you are in good health and good health.

A pregnant woman dreams of a big tree, indicating that the baby will be a blessed person in the future. The protection of the big tree means the family's shade protection for the baby.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: A tree is the original structure of a person's inner life. Seeing a tree in your dream, you'd better study this pattern carefully when you wake up. If the branches stick out, it means a warm and lovely character. If you see a beautiful tree, it symbolizes a well-organized personality, while a large, disorderly tree represents a disordered personality.

Psychological analysis: It is believed that the roots of a tree show the connection between human beings and the earth. The correct statement should be that the root of the tree means human abilities. Represents the practical aspects of life, and shows the pleasure of one's own existence. The spreading roots of the trees show their frankness and frankness. On the contrary, the roots of the tree growing deeper are more expressions of wait-and-see and reservation.

Tree trunks indicate how people use their power, how to maintain and support the environment. A rough tree trunk symbolizes a rude character, while a smooth tree trunk adds a lot of beauty. The branches can give the dreamer an inspiration about each stage of development, while the leaves illustrate how the dreamer affects his surroundings. Climbing a tree shows the dreamer's goal and ability to use to achieve a certain goal.

Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual point of view, you are like a living tree, showing the harmony between heaven and earth and water. If you learn to understand your tree of life correctly, you will be able to effectively shape your life in various fields.