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Dreaming of flowers withering means that you may get sick. Boys have this dream, which means that wives and daughters may have disasters, and you have to do your best to protect their safety.

Dreaming that the flowers in the garden are withered, indicates that a disaster is imminent.

To dream of someone destroying flowers is a sign of disaster. To dream that flowers are more beautiful is a good omen.

Dreaming of picking flowers, a prosperous business or a happy family, you will find a good partner.

To dream of picking withered flowers is a bad omen.

Dreaming of falling flowers in your hands will cause you to get sick.

Lovers dream that the bouquet will fall during dating, and the relationship will deteriorate.

Dreaming that the flowers of the bouquet wither, the wish will not come true, and the love affair will be interrupted.

Dreaming of flowers falling on the ground indicates that your economy will decline and your life will be tight.

Dreaming of flowers falling in the house indicates that the whole family will get along very harmoniously, and the family will be very healthy and happy.

Dreaming of flowers falling but results, indicates that the bad luck is coming to an end, and the days are about to flourish again.

Dreaming of flowers falling and blooming indicates that your predicament will pass soon and a good situation will come soon.

Dreaming of flowers blooming and falling indicates that you spend a lot of money and will soon sit and eat.

A pregnant woman dreams of flowers falling indicates that you will give birth soon. It is a good sign that you should prepare for work and relax. The birth will be smooth in the future.

Case analysis of dreaming of flowers falling

Dream description: I dreamed of falling flowers and trees in the living room, and flowers falling all over the floor. I was cleaning. At the same time, there was a big white rooster standing on the tree in the house. I was about to catch it and flew away from the window.

Dream analysis: dreaming of falling flowers is a scene of decay, falling in the family, but fortunately, in your dream, the petals are falling in your own home, and there is a big rooster standing on the tree in the house, indicating that the depressed economic situation is about to improve and life Will be happy.