Dreaming of Reed is usually to remind you that there are unreliable friends around you, and the friendship is unstable.

Case analysis of dreaming about reed

【Dream Case One】

Dream description: Maybe it is because my parents work in the paper mill. I have a deep impression of the pile of reeds in the paper mill. Once, I dreamt that I went to Reed Dang. I walked around among the reeds, and finally got out of this huge reed swamp. (Female, 22 years old)

Dream analysis: dreaming of reeds is a symbol of unstable friendship. Dreaming of reeds indicates that you lack a sense of security in your heart. If you dream of reeds that are arranging on the wall, it means that among your friends, there are friends who are not worthy of your trust.

【Dream Case Two】

Dream description: Last night I dreamed of reeds, but in the stunned dream I approached but it was dandelions. What does it represent?

Dream Analysis: Dreaming of Reed indicates that your friendship is unstable. Dreaming of dandelion represents a pleasant trip or the reunion of old friends in a foreign country. Dreaming of dandelion in a dream, or dreaming of dandelion fluff floating in the air, indicates that the dreamer will have an unforgettable and pleasant trip. In this happy trip, the dreamer will not only be able to enjoy the beautiful and colorful lakes and mountains, but also meet a long-lost good friend. Meeting old friends in a foreign land is a surprise and excitement.