Dreams meaning Book dreams of cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms are a symbol of love and hope, representing elegant, simple and pure love.

Dreaming that the tree is full of cherry blossoms is a good dream. You will meet a noble person. It is best to pay more attention to good interpersonal relationships and get along with others. It will be very beneficial to your development.

Dreaming that the cherry blossoms are blown down by the wind, the love event will rise, and you can look forward to a happy date. It is best to watch movies, listen to songs, participate in concerts, etc., but you must pay half of the date of the date, because there is a danger of disputes for money .

Dreaming of the broken branches of cherry blossoms reminds you to pay attention to your health and beware of accidental injuries. If you like playing basketball or skating, you must be more careful about accidental injuries that may reappear during sports.

Case study of dreaming about cherry blossoms

【Case number one】

Dream description: Yangyang is a girl full of fantasy. One day she dreamed that she was walking in the park alone in the early spring, and things like snowflakes floated down. She followed it with her hands and turned out to be cherry blossoms. Looking up, the cherry blossoms are full of branches, extremely gorgeous, like clouds and clouds. The cherry blossoms were dancing in a smile, she opened her arms, and the petals fell on her face, very fragrant and fragrant.

Dream analysis: The flower language of cherry blossoms is a symbol of love and hope, representing elegant, simple and pure love. A girl dreams of cherry blossoms means she is looking forward to beautiful love, or that you are currently in love.

【Case Two】

Dream description: Last night, I dreamed that my school was full of peach blossoms, it was very pink, and then I also dreamed that his school (not in a school) that I liked for a long time was full of cherry blossoms, and the pink ones were also super beautiful. Whether it’s cherry blossoms or peach blossoms in the dream, they are all in full bloom. They are very, very, very, very beautiful. Solve the dream~

Dream analysis: both cherry blossoms and peach blossoms symbolize love, and appear in your dreams at the same time. Your peach blossoms are very lucky, or it won’t take long, he will start to fall in love after you like it for a long time!