Dreams meaning Book dreams of lotus

The appearance of the lotus flower is beautiful and refined, but the roots are buried in the mud at the bottom of the river and appear in dreams, symbolizing human sexual life.

A man dreams of a lotus flower, don’t worry, it is a good thing.

A married man dreams of a lotus flower, which means that his sexual ability is strong and his husband and wife live in harmony;

An unmarried man dreams of lotus, indicates that he will find a beautiful wife;

If the man who is divorced or broke up with his girlfriend dreams of picking lotus flowers in the pond, it means that the other person misses your benefits and you will soon have a chance to get back together.

A woman dreams of a lotus flower reminds you to be careful and stay away from temptation.

An unmarried woman dreams of lotus, whether she dreams of one or several lotus, indicates that she has a strong sexual desire.

A married woman dreams of lotus flowers. Dreaming about lotus flowers means that she has strong desires and her husband cannot satisfy you, and may even make her weak and sick.

In a woman’s dream, a man picking lotus flowers indicates that you may have an affair.

Zhouyi Interpretation of Dreams of Lotus

Can symbolize the conscious self. Symbolizes the source of creativity or new life (related to the Buddha of Indian mythology, born from lotus flowers, and lotus flowers become the universe); or as a sex symbol, representing the vagina.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book Dreams of Lotus

See lotus, men are good and women are bad. Dreamsmeaning Book

Moraine opens the pool with clear water, good luck, and the main partner is married. Menglin Xuanjie

Moraine lotus. Dreaming of success in marriage, great financial gain, comfortable living at home, and getting out of bed due to illness. Secretary of Broken Dreams

The man picks lotus, the woman loves it. Dreamsmeaning Book

Psychological Interpretation of Dreams Dreaming of Lotus

Dream interpretation: Lotus subjectivity. Under the light and elegant appearance, the lotus has hidden roots buried in the mud, which symbolizes the sexual life of human beings.

Psychological analysis: a man dreams of lotus flowers is auspicious, married men will get wealth and treasures, unmarried young men can find a flower-like wife; a man abandoned by his girlfriend or wife dreams of picking lotus flowers in a pond, will He quickly regained relations with her. A woman dreams of lotus is a bad omen. A girl dreams of one or a few lotus flowers, she will become a slutty woman, or commit adultery with a frail man. A married woman dreams of a man picking lotus flowers will betray her husband because her husband is seriously ill and the situation is getting worse; she commits adultery with a stranger.

A case study of dreaming about lotus

Dream description: I dreamed that I was admiring in a large lotus pond. The lotus blossoms are very big, beautiful and dense, and the bridges are all around. It is still raining in the sky, but it is not cloudy, and there is sunshine!

Dream analysis: dreaming of lotus flowers symbolizes strong sexual desire regardless of men and women.