Dreaming of vegetables usually indicates that you will be successful.

To dream of a lot of vegetables indicates that life is comfortable and rich.

To dream of a variety of vegetables on the table may also indicate your recent desire for a healthy diet. Perhaps you are a person who longs for nature in your heart and yearns for a simple and healthy life; or in real life, the eating environment of great wine and meat makes you feel the need to improve your diet.

If you dream of unusually rich varieties of vegetables or seafood, it may also express your psychological anxiety about the current economic situation.

Dreaming of buying groceries in a supermarket or a vegetable market indicates that you will succeed in your career through your own efforts.

Dreaming that you are cutting vegetables implies that you have to be careful of being deceived by your friends and suffer economic losses.

Dreaming of overturning the dishes on the plate and soiling the clothes indicates that there will be twists and turns in love. There may be rivals competing for your sweetheart.

To dream of growing vegetables by yourself indicates that you must work hard and overcome many difficulties on the road to success in your career.

Dreaming of eating vegetables may lead to disagreements with friends and feel a little lonely in my heart.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Those who eat everything are fierce. Dreamsmeaning Book

When buying vegetables, the chief executive is knowledgeable. Dreamsmeaning Book

Mengcai and Dianjiqi. The scribes dream of this good luck. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream of Brasenia Nymphaea, Kyrgyzstan. Both are beautiful dishes in the water. Those who dream of Brasenia, long-term customers must return to their hometown; those who dream of Brasenia, those who are unmarried must be matched by talents and good children. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream golden cauliflower, Kyrgyzstan. If the official tenure is full, you will get the golden flower and purple scorpion. Others are well-versed in fame and fortune, the land will gain, the will will be extended, and the plan will be fulfilled. It is not suitable for those who only seek children. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream Golden Cauliflower. If an official dreams, the master can show up; the ordinary people dream, the master fame and fortune, the increase in land, the success of the plan. It's inappropriate to ask for a child. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Meng Qingyun Cai, Kyrgyzstan. The literati dreamed of this, must climb the cloud road; the warrior dreamed of this, something happened to the seaside; if he lived in the dream of this, there would be joy of watching and traveling; running the dream of this, that is, it is time to return. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream Qingyuncai. In ordinary people's dreams, the master has the joy of traveling and watching; in the dreams of traveling far, the master has the time to return home. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dream stone cauliflower, Kyrgyzstan. Those who dream of this, merchants get treasures out of nothing; the scribes are icing on the cake with ingenuity. If a woman dreams of eating it, it cannot be conceived. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream stone cauliflower. In the dream of a literati, the master's talents are enhanced, and the icing on the cake; in the dream of a merchant, the master obtains a treasure, which is born out of nothing; in the dream of a woman, this owner cannot be conceived. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Mengtian cauliflower, good luck, the main price is high and expensive. Scholars' humanity is like a chaotic hanging from the sky; the official official waist is gold and purple, and the position is as high as the official tomb. There are no dangers to travel, like flying horses, making money from business, and returning to the boat with a full load. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream purple cauliflower. Dreaming that there is no danger for the traveler, the trader is full of wealth, the literati is rich in talent, and the official and eunuch are expensive. Secretary of Broken Dreams

The main culprit is when the food is yellow. Dreamsmeaning Book

Others hold vegetables, the master is fierce. Dreamsmeaning Book

Growing vegetables will lead to long life and good luck. Dreamsmeaning Book

See the vegetables, the slight illness is on your face. Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming of eating vegetables in the pot is fierce. In this dream, the situation is urgent and the plan is unsuccessful. You must be cautious in everything. It is advisable to keep it constant and not to change. Menglin Xuanjie

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: It symbolizes the most basic needs of the dreamer or the satisfaction of their material life. In addition, vegetables also indicate that the dreamer obtains material and spiritual "nutrition" from the surrounding environment. Similarly, the colors of various vegetables also have different meanings.

Psychological analysis: dreaming of vegetables usually indicates that you will be successful. There are many vegetables, which means life is comfortable and rich.

Spiritual symbol: longing for nature in my heart, yearning for a simple and healthy life.

Case analysis of dreaming about vegetables

Dream description: I came to the vegetable market in my dream, and found that the vegetables on the market were colorful, and they looked fresher. When I walk in the vegetable market, there are still several dishes that I haven't seen before. I bought some vegetables and prepared to eat as much as possible raw when I go home. (Female, 29 years old)

Dream analysis: The vegetable dream means happiness and success. The vegetables in the dream show that you pay more attention to your own health.

If you dream of celery, it represents happiness and success.

Dreaming of beets is a symbol of career and affection. Dreaming of planting or harvesting beets indicates that you are very hardworking and capable. It indicates that you will be happy and happy in love in the years to come. Dreaming of pumpkins represents happy love. Dreaming of cucumbers represents career and news. Dreaming of carrots is a symbol of progress and success. Dreaming of red pepper is a symbol of affection. Dreaming of tomatoes is a symbol of affection between men and women.