The queen symbolizes motherhood and feminism.

A married woman dreamed that she was a queen, indicating that she might be separated from her husband and had to face life alone and take charge of the family business. Or the child is sick, the husband is unemployed, and he needs to support his family.

An unmarried woman dreams that she is a queen, indicating that she may marry into a famous family or a rich family.

Dreaming of arguing with the queen indicates that wealth is prosperous.

The businessman dreamed of the queen, indicating that the business would expand overseas and make money.

A man dreams of the queen indicates that he will suffer financially.

A woman dreams of the queen indicates a happy family life.

An unmarried man dreamed of shaking hands with the queen, indicating that he might marry the daughter of a wealthy family.

An unmarried woman dreams of shaking hands with the queen indicates that she must be careful about the love with the person she loves, and may be blocked by her parents.

A man dreams of shaking hands with the queen indicates that the official will be prosperous and will be valued by important people.

A woman dreams of shaking hands with the queen indicates that she will be prominent.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: All kinds of people appearing in dreams represent all aspects of your personality and inner world.

Psychoanalysis: In order to understand the different messages conveyed by various people in dreams, we must conduct an in-depth analysis of them. Not all the meanings of the characters must be completely analyzed. Sometimes, as long as you can understand the meaning of the relationship between yourself and the characters in your dreams. You often dream about the opposition between two people or feel that there is a big difference in your attitude and behavior towards two people. This situation generally reflects the contradictory part of your personality. The object of the dream can be that you have left an indelible impression, and sometimes even make you feel sad. Dreaming about your loved ones usually reflects your jealousy. Dreaming of many people gathered together and dreaming of animals gathered together have similar meanings, and each object represents an aspect of your own personality. If you can deeply understand one of the characters, you can clearly understand the level of your personality corresponding to it.

Spiritual symbol: The queen represents your mother or other women with certain authority in the dream.

Case analysis of dreaming about the queen

【Dream Case 1】

Dream description: I dreamed that I was a queen. I went to see the palace lady digging a hole on a wet yellow ground. Then I found that the shoes were wet. Under the persuasion of my father-in-law, I changed shoes with a beautiful palace lady nervously. Finally, he swayed up to a paper tower, always relying on the support of his father-in-law when he went up the stairs. What does this dream show?

Dream analysis: You have to succeed in your business or career, but you must be careful in the process.

[Dream Case 2]

Dream description: I dreamed that I followed the ant team into their home. It was a big palace, just like another human country. It had everything. I was a queen there and loved. What does this dream mean?

Dream analysis: I dreamed of following the ant team into their home: Ants are very social insects, and they are also very hardworking. They generally symbolize the power of will, organization, group life, and perseverance. This dream represents integration into society or an organization. Dreaming of a big palace: Generally, it means that the dreamer desires to have a different way of life, and it may also mean that you are interested in your status. Dreaming of another human country: representing a new environment. To dream of becoming a queen: The queen symbolizes authority. This kind of dream is generally related to raising power and status, or representing new responsibilities. good luck!