Dreaming that aliens are right in front of your eyes indicates that you have good luck and may have unexpected gains.

Dreaming about aliens may imply that your life is influenced by some external factors, or that you don’t know your environment well.

Dreaming of chatting with aliens means that you will meet people with types or ideas that you have not had any contact with before. Maybe at first you will feel that the other person is a different kind. It is not easy to understand him, but after a long time you will I feel that your world has opened up, and it is getting more and more interesting. It is a very worthy friend.

Dreaming of aliens means that certain things are beyond the reasonable range, which makes you puzzled. Or when you want to experience some unknowable areas, or when you want to do something that no one else finds possible, you will dream of aliens coming to say hello to you.

Dreaming of interacting with aliens means that you think your partner is a very interesting person, but you don’t know exactly what he is thinking. Sometimes you can’t guess if you want to break your head. If you want to continue interacting with the other person, you have to Take more time to get to know him, and the relationship will last for a long time.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of aliens may imply that life is influenced by some external factors, or that you do not know your environment well, indicating that some things in your original life circle are stressful.

Psychological analysis: dreaming of aliens will change your personality. Dreaming of aliens may leave your original circle of life.

Case study of dreaming about aliens

There is a sensitive girl who often dreams of aliens. Although she hasn't dreamed as often as she did when she was a child, she is scared sometimes. Sometimes it is not only the aliens that I dream of, but also the scenes of flying saucers appearing at the same time. Aliens look like in sci-fi movies. The main features are big, dark eyes and green skin. Sometimes the epidermis of aliens is sore and shrivelled. In short, it is very scary.

Dream analysis: Aliens are not species on earth, and even exist only in people's fantasy. Frequent dreams of aliens indicate that the dreamer is a person full of fantastic ideas, likes to be different, very curious, and somewhat divorced from reality. Aliens represent the stranger and weird part of their personality that they don't like. It has black and big eyes to see the world more clearly, and its green skin is reminiscent of the leaf surface of plants, which can carry out photosynthesis and produce nutrients by itself. It can be seen that the dreamer is not very accepting of this side of himself and feels that it looks bad (skin bumps), which may indicate that the dreamer is afraid to face certain things in reality and fears independence and growth. . When faced with an expectation, you may have both yearning and worry and apprehension. The aliens also suggest that the dreamer has a tendency to be isolated or self-enclosed.

Strangers, ancients, foreigners, and aliens are often used to symbolize the unfamiliar, unrealistic, unintegrated, and bizarre parts of the self in people's dreams. In the process of self-formation, everyone will inevitably have some choices and omissions, depression, and abandonment. But in fact, what is omitted, suppressed, and abandoned does not withdraw from the self's mind, but just sinks into a different depth of consciousness. Our spiritual world is infinitely vast. Nothing or thought can exit this world-the farther they are from us, the more we can expand the boundaries of our mind, as long as they are realized.