Dreaming of an acrobat indicates that you will make a bold and creative plan at work, but you will be opposed by the timid and stupid people around you.

To dream that you are a juggler indicates that you are determined to take responsibility and are not afraid of hardships. However, due to the suspicion and cynicism of others, the situation may make you unbearable.

To dream that your partner has become a tightrope walker is a subconscious hint to you that your lover can be trusted, no matter how dangerous, he will take risks for you. Strengthen your confidence and stop hesitating, she or he may be your soul mate.

If you dream of an accident, falling or slipping of the wire actor during the performance, it is implying that you sometimes need to take bold risks in your life.

If you dream of a lion trainer and her whip, it clearly expresses your desire for sexual abuse in your heart.

Seeing women performing acrobatics in your dream means that your reputation will be maliciously slandered and your financial interests will also be affected.

The young woman saw an acrobat in a tights in her dream, indicating that she would try to get the favor of a man.

Zhouyi Interpretation of Dreams

Seeing an acrobat in your dream means that your bold and creative plan will be rejected by the timid and stupid.

Dreaming that you are an acrobat indicates that you have the determination to take responsibility, but because of someone's suspicion, the situation becomes unbearable for you.

Dreaming of female acrobats implies that your reputation will be maliciously slandered, and at the same time, your career gains will also be lost.

Seeing tightly-dressed acrobats in a woman’s dream means that she has a need for men.