Adults dream that you are short, suggesting that you are a little unconfident, frustrated, or dissatisfied with your recent performance.

Dreaming that you are getting short may also be due to too much pressure. I miss going back to a carefree childhood, hoping that I will become small as when I was a child.

Children or teenagers dream of getting short, it may mean that they want to grow taller.

Dreaming that your lover is short, it implies that your lover has lost the charm and interest in your heart.

To dream of your opponent becoming a dwarf implies that you can defeat your opponent, everything goes well, and you can win in the end.

Dreaming that you are shorter than others implies that you may encounter setbacks and not go well.

A case study of dreaming of getting shorter

【Case number one】

Dream description: I dreamed that my sister became short and fatter and ugly. My sister was studying physical education. Although she became short and fatter, her jumping ability and analytical ability had become particularly powerful. It was a bit unlike my sister. I didn't realize that my sister had become shorter and ugly at first, and I discovered after breaking through many obstacles. ps In reality, my sister is pregnant and will give birth in one month.

Dream analysis: jumping ability and analytical ability symbolize men. Your sister will give birth to a boy . It's healthy and smart here, but it looks uglier.

【Case Two】

Dream Description: dream last night his girlfriend grow shorter, but we are still happy together, but very strange, she is like a child , like son, I still love her, to solve.

Dream analysis: dreaming of your girlfriend getting short means that you treat her like a child and love her.