Seeing dark clouds in the dream implies misfortune and poor management. If you dream that a downpour is coming, it means difficulty and disease.

Dreaming of a clear sky and sunshine after rain indicates that once the difficulties are resolved, you will be successful.

Dreaming of stars twinkling in the clouds means that you will have short-term happiness and little progress in your career and love.

Dreaming of clouds, clouds can block the sun, symbolizing the haze in life.

Dreaming of clouds means that bad luck will happen in life and you need to prevent it early.

To dream that the clouds are blown away by the wind and the sky is clear, the disaster will be quickly eliminated and will never return.

To dream that there are clouds near the sun is a good omen, which means that you can get out of trouble with the help of noble people.

Dreaming of Baiyun means that you and your neighbors will have a good harvest.

Dreaming of dark clouds means that infectious diseases will appear in residential areas.

Dreaming of Caiyun means that neighbors will shed blood , or the enemy will invade the country.

To dream of flying in the clouds, you will become the leader of the residential area.