Dreaming that the sky is collapsing, on the one hand, it may be caused by excessive pressure in work and life, and excessive anxiety; on the other hand, it may mean that one's health is declining, there is a hidden danger of serious illness, or that a loved one will experience unexpected changes.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream land. There is no disaster in the south, the east and the west are all ominous, the north is sinking, and the center is trapped. It depends on its position to determine the good or bad of everything. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dreaming of falling in the ground, worrying about the mother's death. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

People who dream of falling into the ground make their homes uneasy. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Dreaming of falling in the middle of the hall, worrying about officials. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

The ground falls in front of the dream hall, the main culprit. Suffering from wives, all fame, business, relocation, litigation, marriage, etc. are not auspicious. Menglin Xuanjie

A case study of dreaming of the sky collapsed

Dream description: The dream I feared the most was that the sky fell and the ground fell. The dream was really terrible. I dreamed that the sky was terribly dark. I was standing in front of the window and suddenly found that the sky was collapsing in the distance. I was so scared that I closed my eyes quickly. It was terrible. (Female, 35 years old)

Dream analysis: The dream of falling in the sky represents health problems. Dreaming that the sky is collapsing indicates that there is an extreme fear in your heart, and you are also a little over-anxious and discouraged. That's why you have such a dream. Dreaming that the sky is falling down indicates that you or your loved ones may have health problems. But don't worry, as long as you get treatment in time, you will recover soon.