The light in dreams usually expresses hope, but also symbolizes truth, or spiritual insight, refreshing new thoughts and new insights.

If you see a ray of light in your dream, it indicates that you will be rich and wealthy in the future.

If you feel a light in front of you in your dream, it means you are happy and full of hope.

If the light in front of you is dim and soft, it means that your feelings are warm and your life is happy.

If you dream of the sun shining radiantly, it usually means that your career is prosperous and prosperous.

If the light in your dream is the bright moonlight from the moon, it usually means that your love life is full and happy.

If you feel the light shining from the end of the tunnel in your dream, it indicates that you will walk out of the difficult days, out of the haze, overcome difficulties, and win success.

If you see light from a high place in your dream, it may indicate that you have some troubles in your life or your heart, or you are confused, and you feel that you need external guidance; it may also indicate that you suddenly become mentally bright.

If you dream of a beam of light, which looks like a spotlight or a beam illuminated by an arc, it usually means that the long-term problem that has plagued you will suddenly be solved.

If you dream of bright lights blocking your eyes, making your view blurry, and you want to see things behind the light, you just can’t see clearly, or your eyes are burned by the light, it may indicate some vision problems or eye problems. If you feel blurred, you might as well go to the hospital.

If the light in front of your dream suddenly dims, it may indicate that you will encounter setbacks in life and you must be psychologically prepared.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Seeing the sky in the dream cave, the master is good, the fame and fortune are both connected, the official lawsuit is white, and the sickness is healed. Menglin Xuanjie

The light of the dream itself is good. Brightness is a thousand feet, the image of erudition; the authority of thousands of miles, the conquest of Gaojue. Menglin Xuanjie