Dreaming of a canal is an expression of depression. Maybe your current life is too traditional or even rigid, making you breathless; or you are too restrained in your feelings.

If the canal in the dream is full of water, it indicates a good thing. If the canal has dried up or half dried up, warn you to pay attention to economy and avoid waste.

If there are a lot of boats on the canal in the dream, and they are in order and the colors are bright, it means that you are living a rich life and feeling comfortable.

If you dream of rowing in the canal and the boat is walking slowly, it means that your recent emotional life may be overly depressed and you need to relax.

If the water in the canal in your dream is very dirty, or the water in the canal is too shallow, it is difficult to sail, it means that you may not have enough money in the near future and you are in short supply.

A young woman dreams of drifting across the canal in a canoe, expressing her chastity in life and an admirable husband. If you pass by the bridge, with clear water below and ferns or other green plants on the shore, she will have endless happiness and win high social prestige. But if the water under the bridge is turbid, she will often find herself in perplexity and will become a victim of mental illness.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The canal is an artificial building, which expresses the control of emotions in the dream. In addition, the canal that appears in the dream also means that you have added too many shackles to suppress your own creativity.

Psychoanalysis: You must build up an understanding of yourself in order to develop healthy body and mind.

Spiritual symbol: The canal in the dream represents structure, definition and strict belief on the spiritual level.