Dreaming of hills indicates that you will face difficulties in life.

A businessman dreams of hills indicates that his career is ups and downs.

The mountain represents the goal, the symbol of the problem at hand.

The steep and rolling mountain is a symbol of male sexual organs, which means you have a strong interest in sex.

The gentle slope of the mountain is a symbol of female breasts, indicating that you have a good relationship with your mother or same-sex friend.

Dreaming of snow-capped mountains, if it is a snow-capped mountain reflected by the morning sun, it means you want to get married .

Dreaming of being attacked by a man or a snake in the mountains reminds you that you want to relieve your desires through sex.

To dream of climbing a mountain represents overcoming the problem. If you can't climb it, it is a mistake in your hard work.

Dreaming of going down the mountain means that if you have a high status, your life will go downhill; if you have a low status, you have a chance to get ahead.

Standing on the top of the mountain means that you are at the peak of your life, but if you are complacent, you will go downhill.

There are clouds and fog in the mountains, and there is still a distance to complete the goal, so you must wait patiently.

Landslides indicate the occurrence of diseases.