To dream of frequent slaps on the ground will eliminate the obstacles to strong ascension. This is a good dream for people who are about to go bankrupt.

Dreaming of the ground shining, the Lord's wealth is approaching.

Dreaming that the ground is sunken, the fortune of the main family is declining.

Dreaming of the earth cracking, the bigger the gap, the higher the status.

Dreaming that the earth is violent.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

In barren land, women are in labor. Dreamsmeaning Book

The ground is uneven, the main disease. Dreamsmeaning Book

On the black air in the earth, the main culprit. Dreamsmeaning Book

Seeing the ups and downs, the main promotion. Dreamsmeaning Book

See the barren land, the male protagonist is sick. Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming land is a good place for the Lord to bury his relatives. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Those who dream of humble, the main cause declines. Menglin Xuanjie

The dream land becomes higher, and the main family business is prosperous. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dreaming low, the main family business will fall. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dreaming moving, Ji. Zhaozhu moved to live and moved to a new business. Menglin Xuanjie

Dreamly move. The main move is to emigrate, go to the old picture and the new one. Starting a business, You Likun Fang. The female owner has regrets. Ordinary people deserve food and drink. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dreamland is frozen, Ji. The Lord Winter Moon men and women get married and gather wealth. Menglin Xuanjie

The dream land is close to the sky. There are elephants on the mausoleum, cut ring. Secretary of Broken Dreams

The dream land is uneven. The main illness, the lawsuits are overwhelming, and the marriage fails. Menglin Xuanjie

The one who dreams of high land is prosperous. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream land is anointed, and the Lord is blessed. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Mengdiping mine, the master of good luck, the master of wealth and prosperity. Menglin Xuanjie

Leaning dreamily. It is an image of a shortage of soldiers. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dreamland tilts, the main soldiers are in short supply. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream to hide. Meng Yin has no blame in the south, the east is sluggish, the west is unknown, the north is sinking, and the center is trapped. Everything depends on its location. Menglin Xuanjie

Dreamland transfer, the main express. Menglin Xuanjie

Mengji turned to the ground, and the main work became famous. Secretary of Broken Dreams

If you dream of falling to the side, good luck. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Those who dream of the light of the earth are the masters of the rich. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Dreaming of the land being flat and wide. Those who dream of this are prosperous, prosperous and stable. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dreaming of cultivated land, farming, good luck. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Dreaming of buying land, good luck and wealth. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Dreams between the ground and the underground human language, the main matter of marriage. Menglin Xuanjie

Dreaming of seeing the sky, good luck. The Lord is poor and rich, cheap and expensive, lost and won, poor and won, marriage is separated and reunited, and prison comes and returns. Menglin Xuanjie

Lying on the ground in dreams, the Lord is peaceful and joyous, men dream of getting their wives, women dream of being pregnant, literati dreaming of being ranked in the exam . Menglin Xuanjie

The ground is sinking in the hall, and the mistress is worried. Dreamsmeaning Book