Office workers dream of sleeping in the grave, indicating that they are very passionate and efficient at work, but some are so lofty and easy to take over tasks that they cannot accomplish on impulse. It is more important to complete the work at hand with peace of mind.

Dreaming of sleeping in the grave indicates that the dreamer is going to travel abroad.

The examinee dreamed that he would sleep on the edge of the grave and her academic performance would be a sign of academic performance. He couldn't remember the words he knew well. He read the question many times and didn't know what it meant. Physiologically, they are prone to fatigue, insomnia, excessive sweating, anorexia, rapid heartbeat, confusion, and even neurasthenia.

If a single person dreams of sleeping next to the grave, the love fortune will jump. You may take the initiative to pursue the opponent, but be careful to make the opponent feel uncomfortable if you are too enthusiastic. Small frictions between lovers increase, and both sides pay more attention to their own gains and losses and feelings, and are not tolerant enough.

Dreaming of sleeping next to the tomb is auspicious, and you will get help from strangers in disasters.