Dreaming of choosing a cemetery indicates that your interpersonal luck is very likely to increase. Your friendship with relatives and friends will be deeper, and you can discuss any difficulties with them, and the other party can definitely share your worries for you.

The cemetery in the dream expresses the inner desire to say goodbye to the past and start rebirth. According to the traditional " Dreamsmeaning Book " view, a man dreams of a cemetery also indicates a long and healthy life. A woman dreams of a cemetery indicates that you are sad and depressed.

Unmarried men and women dream of visiting the cemetery, indicating that they will marry a loyal and beautiful wife, or a happy husband.

Men and women in love dream of going to the cemetery, indicating that the love will be long and deep.

Married men and women have such dreams, implying love, family harmony, and deep feelings between husband and wife.

Dreaming of going to a grave sweeping indicates that your relationship with your relatives and friends will deepen. When you need help, you can ask your relatives and friends for help and advice.

To dream of a deserted grave signifies sadness.

If you dream of building a cemetery or a cemetery, you need to be vigilant, suggesting that someone at home may get sick or die. The patient has such a dream, suggesting that the condition is getting worse.

To dream of walking in the cemetery indicates that you will be happy in your old age, carefree, and enjoy life in peace.

If you dream of walking through the cemetery in the dark, or dreaming of a dark and humid cemetery, it means that your health is declining. You should pay attention to rest and supplement nutrition in the near future to avoid getting sick.

If you dream of sleeping in the cemetery, it indicates that you will have good luck, get unexpected huge benefits, or huge profits.

To dream of falling into the grave indicates that you will feel very lonely because you have lost your friendship.

Dreaming of an open tomb or an empty tomb also implies that you want to break away from the depressed life in front of you, or a frustrated career, and start a new life.

Dreaming of digging a grave indicates that there may be a hidden adversary trying to frustrate you.

To dream of one's own tomb means to say goodbye to the past life, a certain period of the past, or a certain aspect of oneself, indicating rebirth.