Dream ghost blame is a bad omen, ghosts dream is a good omen.

Dreaming of catching ghosts and attacking ghosts is a good omen and disaster can be avoided.

A case study of catching ghosts in a dream

Dream description: life scene in my old house. In the dream, there is also my grandmother who has passed away. He and I live together, just like the life we ​​once had. There are dogs, uncles, and aunts at home. Help me catch ghosts in the room I live in. I can't see him like this ghost. It is difficult to find him. The only thing that can find him there is my dog, and I am scared to touch it with my body, but I want to catch this ghost again, feeling that he is giving me a lot of pressure and fear. I want to eliminate it completely. All the scenes and people in the dream are relatives who used to live with me. (The deceased grandma, grandma Zeng and I lived in the same house; my uncle and aunt lived next to me; the dogs were also ordinary domestic dogs raised in the Zeng family.)

Dream analysis: ghosts represent bad things and are bad omens. Dreaming of ghosts means danger. Dreaming of attacking ghosts is a good omen and disaster can be avoided. To dream of running away as soon as you see a ghost means that the enemy will be conquered by yourself. Dreaming of ghosts in the courtyard makes me sad.