Dreaming of a choir and the singing of a choir usually means that you deep in your heart yearn for an unusually pure spiritual world, longing to improve your spiritual realm, or spiritually approaching religion; or it shows that you are eager Share your inner joy or sorrow with others.

Dreaming of a choir indicates that frustration and dissatisfaction will be replaced by exciting and happy situations. Look forward to it.

A young woman dreams of a choir, her sweetheart is paying attention to others, she will be very painful.

To dream of the church is the desire for purity and chastity.

Dreaming of a simple chapel means that the dreamer's life is simple and peaceful;

Dreaming of a majestic and magnificent cathedral means that the dreamer's life is rich and luxurious;

To dream that there are many people in the church are celebrating Mass, which means that the dreamer will make many friends.

To dream of a church, a church is a place where people with common beliefs gather, and it is also a sacred place that can give people safety and protection. The church in the dream represents the dreamer's longing for a pure and quiet life.