The mourning hall is a place where our ancestors and the dead in the extended family are worshipped. Represents the awe of one's ancestors. People go to worship their ancestors during festivals and important times to pray for peace. In the dream, the mourning hall represents remembrance and expectation for the help of friends.

Dreaming of the mourning hall, there was a relationship entanglement that caused some serious problems, but in the end, at a critical time, I got back together.

Dreaming that there are many spiritual positions in the mourning hall indicates that some of your relationships will have very serious entanglements, which will cause very serious things to happen, but at critical times, there will be friends to help both parties to reconcile.

To dream of having your own spiritual position in the mourning hall indicates that you will change to a new living environment and your life will be better. But before the rainbow will be a storm.

Dreaming that the wedding will be held under the shed indicates that you will get some unfortunate news from your friends and make yourself very sad.

Dreaming of the destruction of the spiritual platform indicates that you and your friends will have a disagreement, and the two parties will have a very stiff quarrel.

To dream that the monk is in the mourning hall indicates that you will quarrel about your career or family.