Dreaming of female classmates indicates that wealth is rising rapidly. Maybe there will be huge income.

The candidate dreamed that the female classmate had poor test results.

The unemployed dreamed that the female classmate's financial luck was not going well and needed time.

The child dreams of a female classmate stating that you are not lucky during this period and you must be patient, wait for a good time to come, beware of fire , and hurt your eyes and body.

To dream of you going to the toilet with a female classmate indicates that there is a secret between you that cannot be known, especially the boys.

Dreaming of female classmates chatting, in terms of love, the fortune tends to improve. At this time, it is best to read more literary and artistic works instead of just reading comic books.

The widow and the lonely dream of female classmates chatting with the master traveling lucky.

To dream of a female classmate killing me means to get love.

The old man dreams of a female classmate killing me is your fortune. You need to know the current affairs and wait for the opportunity quietly.

Candidates dreamed that a female classmate killed me, indicating that the test results were poor.

The clerk dreamed that a female classmate killed me and heralded a good fortune in the near future.