Dreaming of a row of shops is auspicious.

Dreaming that the store is a bad omen, the business will go bankrupt.

Dreaming of a grocery store is a mess at home.

Dreaming of shopping in a fashion store will cast a shadow over love.

Dreaming of a shoe repair shop will increase additional expenses.

A woman dreams of a jewelry store, it is auspicious sign that she wants to buy new jewelry.

Dreaming of a perfume store indicates that you will establish friendship with upper-class people. Not only will you make a fortune, but your relatives and friends will also benefit from it.

Dreaming that you are sitting in a shop, the business will go bankrupt.

The patient dreamed of going to the mall, and soon the patient would heal.

When a soldier dreams of going to a mall, he will be punished for misbehavior.

To dream of a store with a dazzling array of goods means that your business will achieve prosperity and progress in all aspects.

Dreaming of a shop with few goods indicates that all your previous efforts will be in vain, leaving you with helplessness and endless quarrels.

Dreaming of a fire in your store indicates that you will update the way you do business and enjoy happiness in the future.

Dreaming that you are shopping in a department store indicates that the source of your many happiness will come from obtaining various benefits.

To dream that you are selling goods in a store means that with the help of your friends and your own efforts, you will make great progress.

To dream that you sell a pair of dirty gray cotton gloves to a woman in a store means that you like to make speculative judgments about women but put yourself on the cusp of the storm. For women, this dream indicates that she will be passionately in love with a certain prince charming, but she will not be able to get the corresponding return from the other party.

Dreaming of pickpockets in the shop means that there are villains in your business. For example, partners have evil thoughts and cause losses to your business. So you must pay more attention to the recent behavior of influential people, otherwise you will Will lose money.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream nobleman sits in the shop. Scholars and warriors have this dream, and the lord will get wealth; agriculture, industry and commerce Jia Meng this, will meet nobles; the drifters dream of this, and get good luck; sick and itchy dreams of this, they are ghosts and gods; women's only husbands dream of this, giving birth to virtuous heirs; travelers and shopkeepers dreaming Therefore, it will meet the distinguished guests. Menglin Xuanjie

Shop under Dream Hall. The main body is greedy for personal gain, and act quickly to avoid evil. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Mengji opened a shop. The main cause is prosperous and happy. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Open a shop under the dream hall. There are good and bad dreams in this dream. The shop was originally in the street, but suddenly Mengqi opened under the hall, and the owner was greedy for selfishness. Menglin Xuanjie