The prison in the dream often symbolizes the obstacles that hinder personal development. It may be some outdated concepts, it may be some authoritative figures, leaders, parents, etc., or it may be some stereotyped thoughts. Dreaming this dream implies that your heart desires to get rid of the heavy constraints and get rid of the mental cage Break free.

A man dreams of prison, life is happy and carefree.

A married woman dreams of prison and will get pregnant .

The old man dreams of prison is an ominous sign and his health will go from bad to worse.

The businessman sees jail, indicating that his business will encounter setbacks and may be damaged.

To dream of becoming a prison warden would make you a housekeeper for the rich.

Dreaming of arguing with the warden, freedom will be restricted.

Dreaming of making friends with prison officials indicates that you may go to jail or lose your reputation.

Dreaming of yourself in a filthy and sordid prison indicates that you will be rich and live a comfortable and prosperous life.

Dreaming of others being held in prison. It indicates that you will have to grant privileges to people you think you don’t deserve.

Dreaming of black people in prison indicates the loss and your worries caused by the negligence of the subordinates.

The young woman dreamed that her lover was locked up in prison, indicating that she was disappointed with his character, because he was proved to be a liar in the end.

To dream of your relatives going to prison indicates that your friends will have difficulties and need your help.

People who want to commit a crime dream of going to jail will dispel the idea of ​​committing a crime and stop making mistakes.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

When the enemy is released from prison, the Lord is violent. Dreamsmeaning Book

Seeing his wife released from prison, she will live apart forever. Dreamsmeaning Book

Seeing relatives released from prison, promoted. Dreamsmeaning Book

There is forgiveness if the prison breaks down, Kyrgyzstan. Dreamsmeaning Book

Menghui sees heavy rain in prison, good luck. A prisoner dreams and meets forgiveness; a patient dreams and has a good doctor. Menglin Xuanjie

To dream that the officials will imprison people and get wealth. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Dreaming of eating sticks in the prison, and good luck. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Dream prison. Those who have a dream and a posteriori in a dream are the same, it is the failure of their minds and the failure of their deeds to be condemned by the gods, and foretell the future. Those who have dreams are auspicious because they have no faults on weekdays, but the yin and yang of day and night are always the opposite. God has given this dream to warn them of their words and deeds. Those who have dreams and experience whether they are guilty of the disease and the trivial regrets are that their destiny is in the midst of a fierce disaster, and they do not commit crimes. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream prison. This dream masters the disaster of the sick. Dreaming into the sky and looking at criminals, travel and hum, Lord Jichang. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream goes to jail, Ji. Those who dream of imprisonment are disadvantaged in ugly years. Dreams of prisoners, Xunian Express. Noble dreams go to jail, but Ping Ren dreams to go to jail. The sick person dreams of pardoning criminals from prison, and the main suffering is eliminated. Menglin Xuanjie

In jail, the Lord is very precious. Dreamsmeaning Book

In jail and disaster, the Lord is honorable. Dreamsmeaning Book

Make everyone in prison, get wealth and good fortune. Dreamsmeaning Book

It is difficult to release people from prison. Dreamsmeaning Book

Others are released from prison and have a long reputation. Dreamsmeaning Book

The deceased in prison, official affairs are scattered. Dreamsmeaning Book

In prison, there must be mercy. Dreamsmeaning Book