Dreaming of run-down slums and dirty streets can often symbolize social relationships that you do not want to associate with.

Dreaming that you live in a slum reflects your potential inferiority complex.

Dreaming about refugees means that you are emotionally disturbed and may face inner conflicts. Dreaming this also reminds you that it is best to put aside your personal interests first.

To dream of becoming a refugee indicates that the dreamer will be benefited in the near future, and the troubles in the heart will be solved gradually.

Dreaming of talking with refugees indicates that the dreamer may have to deal with some very difficult problems in the near future.

I dreamed that I was poor, I was auspicious, and I wanted to be lucky.

A woman dreams of her husband being a poor man, a poor man, will become the bride of a wealthy family, and the husband will be a strong young man.