Seeing a coffee factory in your dream indicates that you will face a very dangerous situation. You must concentrate and be vigilant to avoid catastrophic consequences. If you dream of the sound of grinding coffee, it means that it will be difficult for you to overcome the influence of evil on you.

To dream of drinking coffee means that you will be killed in theft. You will encounter pickpockets, robberies, etc., especially when going out on holidays, be especially careful.

Dreaming about coffee usually indicates that there will be changes in your life. It also means that you are looking forward to more excitement in ordinary real life, or to have more intimate contact with friends and participate in more gathering activities.

To dream of drinking coffee, the taste is good in the dream, it indicates that you will receive good news and happy relationships.

Dreaming of grinding coffee indicates that the family is warm and happy.

To dream of coffee spilled or stained on your clothes indicates that you will encounter some troubles and make you feel embarrassed and bored.

Dreaming of a coffee pod or coffee machine in the office implies that you want to get closer to your colleagues and want to know more about your colleagues' thoughts. Maybe you like a colleague, or subconsciously have a sexual desire for a colleague.