Dreaming of a quiet yard indicates that the dreamer hopes to live a peaceful life. If the yard is very clean and tidy, with beautiful flowers or green trees, it also means that the dreamer is very satisfied with the current stable life, happy life, warm feelings, and love.

A man dreams of a spacious courtyard may also remind you of difficulties. But if a woman dreams of such a scene, it indicates that you will have children and a prosperous family.

The patient dreamed of the spacious courtyard, indicating that the body will recover to health.

A man dreams of going to someone else’s yard indicates that he will gain greater power.

A woman dreams that she has entered someone else’s yard, and she must be careful about her private life and be insulted.

To dream of sleeping in the yard indicates good health.

Dreaming of a deserted courtyard or a dilapidated park indicates that you are very uneasy about the status quo of society.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream Guangting, good luck. This dream master is very expensive, living in the high hall. Menglin Xuanjie

Those who dream of the atrium have a happy event. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

In other people's hospitals, dominate. Dreamsmeaning Book

The courtyard is spacious and the main task is difficult. Dreamsmeaning Book

Sleep in the courtyard, Lord Shouyan. Dreamsmeaning Book