Dreaming of an ancient city tower indicates that you will be suppressed or emotionally troubled in the near future. If it is work, you will be wronged and excluded. If you are emotionally troubled, you may encounter forced marriage or divorce, or you may have an inexplicable desire for amorous feelings. Shu unexpectedly Illusion is illusion. What you get is always more than you lose. Be cautious and low-key in everything, and don't argue with others.

Dreaming of performing official duties on the tower is a good sign, indicating that the dreamer will have noble people to help him in his career, and he will start to be prominent in his office recently.

Dreaming of a beautiful castle indicates that the dreamer will be happy in the future;

Dreaming of a mysterious castle means that the dreamer will have a pleasant trip;

Dreaming of a desolate castle reminds the dreamer to control his feelings and temper;

Dreaming of the main building of the castle indicates that the dreamer desires to move to a protected place, where the dreamer will feel safer and more assured.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming of lying on the tower. Those who dream on it are hard work. The nobleman dreamed of this, Ge Hengji moved, and his body was attacked by swordsmen. Menglin Xuanjie