If you dream that you are in a small hotel and you are having sex while watching porn , you are subconsciously knocking on your head, warning you that your current sex life has already entered the stage of being the same and falling asleep after doing it.

Dreaming of a hotel indicates that the dreamer does not have a fixed love partner, and it also means that the dreamer knows more people;

To dream of being in a hotel with a few friends means that the dreamer’s plan will be supported by others;

An unmarried person dreams of staying in a hotel, foreshadowing the dreamer’s love, impatience means failure, patience means success;

A married man dreams of living in a hotel means that the dreamer's family life is not harmonious enough and he desires to get rid of responsibility;

To dream that the hotel you live in is dilapidated, reminding the dreamer that you will be in trouble;

To dream of meeting a man in a hotel indicates that the dreamer wants to fall in love or get free from sexual depression;

The widowed and lonely dream of staying in a hotel means that the dreamer is going to travel far away, fortunate;

Dreaming that you live in high-class hotels and hotels indicates that your expenses will increase in reality.