Dreaming of government office buildings sometimes implies your desire for power, or subconsciously, wishing to give orders to colleagues or friends, hoping to be in a leading position.

If I dream of an office where I work on weekdays, it doesn’t mean anything else.

If you dream of someone else’s office, it means that you feel that the reality of yourself is very different from your ideals. Try to move towards your ideals.

Dreaming that I am a clerk in the office, unfortunate days are coming.

To dream that you are the person in charge of the office, is a good omen, and the official will be prosperous.

A woman dreams of working in an office, and neighbor women are jealous of her wealth.

Dreaming of setting up a new office and planning a new business will benefit you.

Dreaming of receiving an appointment letter to work in the office is a sign of leaving the office.

Dreaming that the office building is on fire , disaster will come.