Dreaming that your colleagues are constantly working means that you have too much pressure at work recently and you need to relax and adjust appropriately.

Dreaming of working with colleagues and paying attention to their clothes and movements indicates that you have a harmonious and harmonious relationship with your colleagues. The working atmosphere makes you happy. Your future lover may be among your colleagues.

Dreaming that your colleagues are at work, but you feel full of fun, it means that you are financially ample and have a high standard of living. Work is just a way of life, and there is no heavy pressure to make a living.

To dream of discussing things with colleagues, or succeeding in negotiations, indicates that there is a feeling of resistance and hostility towards that person in your heart.

Dreaming that all your colleagues have been promoted or raised, but you have missed yourself, and you feel very angry in the dream. Dreaming such a dream indicates that you will gain unexpected wealth, or your ability will soon be recognized by the company and the leader. , The treatment will be improved soon.

Dreaming that you have lost your leather shoes when you come to a colleague’s house, and you can only wear your master’s sneakers or slippers to go home. This indicates that you are asking yourself troubles and treating your colleague as a competitor.

Zhouyi Interpretation of Dreams

Dreaming about discussing things with a work partner indicates that the plan may be blocked or stagnated.

Dreaming of successful negotiation or negotiation indicates that you will encounter difficulties in real life.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Colleagues mean competition.

Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of colleagues is a bad omen, colleagues means fierce competition, it is a reflection of the heavy reality of dreams.

To dream of a colleague's resignation indicates that there is a mental problem and that things are not strong. If you don't change your current state, there may be disaster.

Case analysis of dreaming about colleagues and working partners

Xiao Li works in a public institution. One night, I dreamed of two colleagues who had entered the unit at the same time as him. He doesn't have much contact with these two colleagues, but because he joined the unit at the same time, he was more impressed and the relationship was better than the others. He dreamed that they died suddenly, and he still remembered them two or three days after waking up. In his dream, he was a bystander. He was suddenly notified and didn't know how they died. After waking up, he only felt terrible. Soon after dreaming, he was transferred to a new leadership position. He found that the employees below were relatively close to the previous leader, and he was very upset that he hadn't really entered the role for the time being.

Dream analysis: dreaming of colleagues dead, there are two explanations, one is that for some reason or work pressure, the dreamer wants to exclude those colleagues. The second is to have doubts about myself, and worry about whether the like-minded and like-minded colleagues I like will stay away from me and leave myself uneasy. Judging from the feeling of the dream, this dream belongs to the latter. The colleague who entered the unit at the same time died. This is a reminding dream. The dream reminded him that his original work status must be abandoned; the two dead colleagues symbolized his working attitude and feelings that he had kept before; now the environment has changed. It's not appropriate to stick to the original, it takes change to be successful.