Dreaming of a dungeon indicates that you will have troubles and difficulties, or will suffer pain in your heart.

To dream of being locked up in a dungeon indicates that you will encounter serious difficulties or unorganized and difficult problems. It also means that you will find ways to solve the problem, break through the difficulties, and change the status quo.

To dream that you are out of the dungeon indicates that you are about to get out of trouble.

Dreaming of being in a prison cell indicates that the dreamer will encounter serious troubles and difficulties in life;

Dreaming of getting out of the cell means that the dreamer can finally get out of the predicament.

Dreaming of going to prison indicates that the dreamer will be constrained at work, unable to develop his true abilities, not being paid attention to, and not doing much. In addition, it also means that they are restrained in marriage and want to escape the shackles of marriage and live a free life.

The businessman dreams of going to jail indicates that the dreamer's business may be damaged, and that he will lose a lot of money due to some external shocks, and he must be psychologically prepared.

Students dream of going to jail, indicating that the dreamer will make friends, and they must have a sign of making friends. Don't contact everyone, otherwise they will bring disasters to themselves.

The old man dreams of imprisonment, this is an ominous omen. It indicates that the dreamer's health will go bad day by day. If it is not maintained in normal times, it will endanger life if it breaks out.

The dream of a patient in jail indicates that the dreamer's condition may be very complicated, and his freedom will be restricted due to treatment, and he may be ill in bed for a long time and cannot move freely.

A man dreams of imprisonment indicates that the dreamer’s life is under great pressure, and he hopes to escape the status quo and live the life he wants, but the reality often does not make you happy. The most important thing is to adjust your mentality.

A woman dreams of imprisonment indicates that the dreamer will enter the palace of marriage and will soon become pregnant . From now on , she will no longer be alone, and she must first consider whether it will affect her fetus in her womb.