Dreaming that birds are building nests is a symbol of family, and it also implies that you will build a family. Singles will be likely to get married in the near future . Married people and people who have not had their own house will also have the opportunity to buy a house they like. .

To dream that a group of pigeons are busy building a nest indicates that you have a good helper, or a good husband who is very good at taking care of the family, and is very gentle and considerate to you. Your children will be smart and promising.

Dream of a bird’s nest, life will be happy.

Dreaming of driving the bird away from the nest will result in deportation.

Dreaming of pounding the bird's nest means that the child is about to get sick.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The nest symbolizes protection and family life. The dreamer may be attached to someone emotionally, and at the same time he is also afraid of "leaving the lair".

Psychological analysis: Many women will have a "nesting psychology" before their children are born; therefore, this kind of dreams indicate women 's psychological preparations for pregnancy . It also means that the dreamer wishes to hide himself or something.

Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual perspective, the nest in the dream symbolizes the security that the dreamer's living environment brings to him.