Dreaming of an umbrella is a good omen, a sign of wealth.

To dream of the company issuing umbrellas is a sign of promotion or salary increase.

Dreaming of an umbrella indicates that you are going to travel far.

In addition, the umbrella in the dream also symbolizes protection and blessing. According to psychological analysis, the closed umbrella symbolizes the male and the open umbrella symbolizes the female.

Dreaming of a sturdy and beautiful umbrella means that the dreamer is now economically stable, has solid power and mature ways of profiting. Dreaming that the umbrella is broken and swaying in the wind and rain indicates that the dreamer will fall into an economic crisis, or that power is about to be lost due to unstable power, and that the business will lose repeatedly. To dream of holding a sun umbrella under the scorching sun indicates success and clears the good news.

Married men and women dream of sun umbrellas, indicating that they are happy in life, warm and carefree in their families. Unmarried men and women dream of parasols, indicating that they will soon find the right person. An unmarried man dreams of getting a sun umbrella from his girlfriend, indicating that you will marry her as your wife.

To dream of getting a parasol from someone else indicates that you can defeat your opponent and win the honor of victory.

Dreaming of getting a sun umbrella indicates that you will have good luck and receive good news. Those who have lost their freedom have such a dream, which indicates that they will regain their freedom, which is worth looking forward to.

A person in officialdom dreams of getting a sun umbrella, which indicates that he will be valued by the leadership, the plan will be supported, the career will go smoothly, and he is expected to be promoted again.

To dream of buying a sun umbrella usually indicates that the dreamer is going to a wedding.

Dreaming of losing the sun indicates that the dreamer will encounter setbacks. Maybe now life is not as fair as it seems, but it is actually messed up, secretly disturbed, and worrying.

Dreaming of an open umbrella, on the one hand, symbolizes the explosion of desire. Maybe the dreamer has been suppressing emotions or desires for a long time, and can no longer remain silent, determined to end the desires in his heart in one fell swoop.