Dreaming of a password indicates that when you encounter troubles, powerful people will help you.

To dream that you are deciphering a password or password indicates that you will be interested in archaeological research, which makes you quite familiar with the life and habits of ancient humans and have unique insights.

To dream of entering the wrong password indicates that what you are doing is difficult to succeed.

To dream of a password, don't demand that you can fully understand everything. One thing itself contains a lot of content. If you want to appreciate them all, it depends not only on your knowledge, but also on your personal interests. Recently, you are very interested in research. It is hard to get a little experience. Don't be too demanding on yourself.

A woman dreams of holding her husband’s key, implying that she will freely control her husband’s money.

Dreaming of a bunch of keys implies that the dreamer may face new environments and opportunities, and will go all out for it.

To dream of losing your key indicates that you will have unexpected troubles, or feel disappointed in life, and feel disappointed.

Dreaming of the key being stolen implies that your property will be lost.