Dreaming of bubbles indicates that your current life situation is not very ideal, and economically, it is not very ideal.

Dreaming of playing with bubbles generally means family happiness and harmony.

Dreaming that there are a lot of bubbles in your laundry indicates that your reputation will be lost.

Dreaming of a lot of chemical bubbles in dirty water indicates that your body will have some problems, so you must be more careful.

Dreaming that there are many bubbles when brushing your teeth means that you have some doubts about what you have been insisting on, and you cannot get your own affirmation.

Dreaming of blowing bubbles means that your troubles will pass soon.

To dream of blowing bubbles indicates that you will pass through difficult periods and that time will turn around.

Dreaming of family members blowing bubbles means that the family will fall into a short-term predicament in the near future.

A woman dreams of blowing bubbles implies that she is punished for admiring vanity.