Dreaming that you are making progress in certain areas means that you have begun to care less about the promotion of your position, but instead value your inner harmony.

Dreaming that others are making progress means that some people's position will rise to the same level as yours.

Dreaming about the construction of a project usually indicates that you will have good luck, and your active efforts will bring opportunities to life.

A man dreams that he has transferred his job, and he will be promoted and paid.

Dreaming that someone transfers to work will result in losses.

The prisoner dreamed that he was transferred to another prison and would soon be released from prison.

To dream of applying for a job change is an ominous omen, and you will encounter sadness and disaster.

A woman dreams that her husband mobilizes work, and her husband and wife live in harmony and happiness.

To dream of working hard to transfer work to others will create a gap with friends.

To dream of being fired indicates that your position will be promoted and your life will be improved. The unemployed dream of being fired, and can quickly find a job they like. However, dreaming of someone being fired is a bad omen.

To dream of doing hard work will lead to success in your career.

A pregnant woman dreams of doing hard work and having to endure great pain during childbirth.

The prisoner dreamed of doing hard work and would soon be released from prison.

Dreaming about doing light work is an ominous sign, and the daily income is only enough to make ends meet.

Dreaming of others doing coolies will be defeated by the earth hand.

To dream that your wife is doing heavy work, and the family wants to increase the population.