To dream that you have a handsome face indicates that your behavior will prove that you are a man of clever words.

Dreaming that others look handsome indicates that you will be trusted by a reliable and real person.

Dreaming that your husband is handsome and happy indicates that your family life is full and happy, and that your husband has a promising future.

Dreaming of an unusually handsome man indicates your yearning for this ideal image and may represent the idealized masculinity in people's hearts.

A woman dreams of a handsome man means that her health is declining rapidly due to overwork. It is best to take a good rest for a few days and adjust and relax.

A woman dreams of a handsome man indicates that she is likely to become famous.

A man dreams of a handsome man means that you are too tired or that you may feel a certain degree of anxiety in your heart when you are in contact with others.

A woman dreams that a man is ugly, suggesting that someone she considers a friend will annoy her very much.

Dreaming of a man with a crooked nose and slanted eyes and a grumpy temper implies that something will disappoint you and your situation will be very embarrassing.