To dream that your friends have no religious beliefs indicates that they respect you in real life.

Men and women in love dream that each other has no religious beliefs, which symbolizes a happy and happy marriage.

To dream of defying religious doctrines, but never guilty, means that you will always stick to your own views and be brave enough to take responsibility.

To dream of feeling self-blame in religious fanaticism means that you give up your own in order to please the people you respect.

Dreaming that you are discussing religion and feel that you are right. It means that you will break the existing peaceful life and will have some trouble in your career.

To dream that you have no religious beliefs, but also oppose religions, signifies that you are innocent, kind, and have good interpersonal relationships.

To dream of someone crying for religious reasons implies that you are disappointed in this person, and it also shows that you are eager for him.

To dream of the pastor telling you on social occasions that he has given up his job indicates that you will receive good news unexpectedly.

To dream of the pastor telling you that he has given up his job in a religious way indicates that your deceptive tricks have ruined yourself.

The young woman dreamed that she was overly religious, reminding you that your hypocrisy makes your partner feel uncomfortable.