Dreaming of dividing the corpse means that you are not satisfied with the status quo and want to change.

Dreaming of dividing the corpse also means that there will be a distribution of rewards.

To dream of killing and dividing the body means venting your anger. When you go to the temple, it means that you want to seek spiritual peace. Your heart is very restless, a little moody, and you are usually in a state of being directed by others. In reality, others will definitely think that you are very easy-going. It’s just that you like to suppress your own temper. For many things, you are in a state of not daring to face the reality. Let yourself be released. Don’t suppress yourself too much. In fact, the peaceful atmosphere of the temple may really relieve people’s inner anxiety. .

Candidates dream of broken corpses indicate good academic performance.

Dreaming of broken corpses is likely to happen some unpleasant things. Maybe it's unlucky to sit with the most annoying teacher in the car.

Single aristocrats dream of broken corpses. Recently, the love enthusiasm for love has risen, and the relationship between lovers may enter a new stage. Pursue love based on your own feelings, and don't care about worldly perspectives.

Case description of dreaming of dismemberment

Dream description: I had a nightmare yesterday. After breaking up with a female colleague, I checked into a small hotel and said a few words to the hotel owner. After I entered the room, I found a group of people came in and divided a young woman into her body. , The body was unloaded piece by piece and taken away. I fought with fear all night, but I wanted to go back but I was afraid of being scolded by my boyfriend. When I left, I found that they didn't take the head away. I was living in the same room with a head. It was really going to collapse. . . Later, I woke up with a lot of pressure, and fell asleep again after thinking of Guanyin Bodhisattva in my heart. Supplement: I have been arguing with my boyfriend recently due to marriage issues. I just learned that my boss was going to kill me yesterday at work. Although I had a dispute with the boss a few days ago, I have shown signs of a promotion and salary increase.

Dream analysis: The corpse represents a lot of money. Divide the corpse, which means that the award has been allocated. The head is with you, which means you can get the highest reward (the head is high); you can get a perfect reward (the head is complete, not a separate block); you can get a unique reward (only one ); You can get the most rewards (less if you separate) and so on. Good luck! Good luck! Good luck!