The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month. Since this day is the full moon, it has represented the atmosphere of the members since ancient times. In dreams, the Mid-Autumn Festival often represents the longing for relatives and friends.

To dream of Mid-Autumn Festival, the recent interpersonal relationship will be quite harmonious, suitable for visiting important customers and friends. You may be accounted for an important thing, which will have a greater impact on your future.

Dreaming that the moon is very garden on Mid-Autumn Festival indicates that you will have good luck.

To dream of eating mooncakes with relatives on Mid-Autumn Festival means that the family will be very harmonious.

To dream of spending the Mid-Autumn Festival alone means that your life will change dramatically.

To dream of spending the Mid-Autumn Festival with strangers in other places indicates that you will be very popular.

Dreaming of rain on the Mid-Autumn Festival means that you will encounter a lot of troubles recently.

Dreaming of moon cakes is a good omen, meaning that family members will be reunited.

To dream of eating moon cakes is a sign of happiness in life.