Many dream of cute kids child, that you will have a bright future, there are many people you bless.

The mother dreamed that her child was sick from the cold, indicating that although her child was in good health, she was always worried.

Dream child child is very sick, or dead, suggesting that there are great thoughts haunt you.

Dreaming that a child concentrates on work or study indicates that unfortunate things will happen in the near future, which makes you worry.

Dreaming of an angry child implies that someone will cause you trouble. Friends who are friendly at first are unwilling to cooperate anymore.

To dream of playing with your children in the dream indicates that your planned career and love will go well.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: If you dream of shrinking, it means that the dreamer wants to return to his childhood or a place where everyone loves him. In daily life, the dreamer may lose face or feel insignificant, then in the dream it is manifested as a shrinking body. If you dream of something else or the person shrinks, it means that it or he has lost control of the dreamer.

Psychoanalysis: By realizing how indispensable but insignificant one is in a big plan, the dreamer learns to treat himself correctly, which can be manifested in the process of shrinking the body in the dream. As a result, the dreamer's threat to himself and others is reduced.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the realization that humans are very small in the whole, followed by the belief that humans belong to the infinite and vast universe as a whole.