To dream of you participating in a certain battle indicates that you will encounter opponents in your career, and the law is not good for you.

Dreaming of a battle scene means that you are squandering your money and time. For women, this dream is to warn the doer to pay attention to his own behavior, so as to prevent a scandal from causing criticism from others.

A young woman dreams that her lover is fighting, indicating that her boyfriend is not worthy of friendship.

To dream that you have been defeated means that you will lose your rights and wealth.

To dream of you whipping an intruder indicates that you are courageous and strong. You can overcome the obstacles of others and gain wealth and fame.

Seeing two men fighting with pistols in a dream indicates that there will be many complicated things that make you worry. Although you will have small gains, you are not mentally happy.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming that you are involved in a battle usually indicates your desire for your own independence. In addition, you may wish to express your anger, frustration, or even the subconscious emotions that want to hurt yourself through this type of dream. Dreaming of fighting especially symbolizes that you are depressed inside, and expresses extreme dissatisfaction with someone.

Psychoanalysis: Counterattack is everyone's innate self-protection response. When a person is threatened in daily life, he will naturally react to it in his dream.

Spiritual symbol: This kind of dream symbolizes the struggle of spiritual thought. You should try your best to understand the clues and try to calm your mood so as not to lead to the final outbreak of the relationship.