Dream description: Last night I dreamed that my husband came back from a business trip and brought back a girl. She actually said that there was no way to be separated and asked to divorce me.

Dreamsmeaning Book : It shows that the dreamer is also thinking about whether his husband has an affair during the day. In other words, the dream is the continuation of his thoughts during the day, thinking during the day and thinking at night.

It indicates that the trust between the dreamer and her husband has decreased, or that such things have happened before, which caused the dreamer to guess and think consciously or unconsciously; there is also a possibility that the dreamer denies himself and feels Some lack of oneself caused dissatisfaction with her husband.

From a psychological point of view, this is an individual's self-protection behavior, that is, the dreamer is afraid of being hurt, and he makes guesses, hoping to predict the facts in advance, avoid being hurt or minimize the harm.

Suggestions: 1. Self-examination; 2. Enhance mutual understanding and trust through conversation; In addition, I can only analyze the dreamer from a psychological point of view, the actual situation (mainly refers to whether the dreamer’s husband really has An affair), this is powerless. Many dreams are reversed. If the dreamer has such a dream, it means that the dreamer loves his husband very much in his heart and is also very afraid of losing him. The more worried the dreamer is, the easier it is to have such dreams at night, so advise the dreamer not to Think too much, treat your husband carefully, and believe that he can feel it, because trust between husband and wife is really important.

To dream of your husband being with other women indicates that the interpersonal relationship is very good. It is a good sign to get along with new and old friends.

The unmarried person dreams that her husband is with other women, indicating that the relationship is in a low period, paying more attention to their own feelings, giving or refusing to consider it is their own thoughts, and your situation will be more lonely.

A married person dreams of her husband being with other women, indicating that the family relationship is very good, and you will be filial to your parents, and you will be appreciated by others, which is a good sign.

A business man dreams of his husband being with another woman indicates that his wealth is good and he is expected to succeed, but he must not be impatient or blind, otherwise he may lose money in investment.

Office workers dream of their husbands with other women, indicating that they are more sensitive at work, do things more carefully, and can successfully complete relatively moderate tasks. They may also encounter the possibility of promotion inspections or discussing important projects with their bosses. , I have to grasp and perform well, which is very helpful to the progress of future work.

The writer dreams that her husband is with other women, which indicates that the work attitude is more pragmatic, and the work is planned, and it is expected to achieve good results. However, the sense of humor will be lacking, and it is easy for colleagues to feel awe of you.

A graduate dreaming of her husband being with other women indicates that it is more beneficial to keep a low profile in job search. If you are too public, you will miss a lot of opportunities. In addition, you must be careful about the possibility of operating in the dark.

Dreaming about your husband and ex-girlfriend together indicates that there will be new progress in love. If you don’t have friends of the opposite sex, you will have feelings with people around you. It is recommended that you think clearly to avoid embarrassment later.

Dreaming that your husband is with your lover indicates that you will take the initiative to shake hands with the person who was originally at odds, and your fortune will also improve, which is a good omen.

Dreaming that your husband and girl are together indicates that you are better at large team battles, and the progress of your work will be more effective. The original work should come to an end. You can think about the next project and the future development direction. You must meditate properly. Your future development is very important.

To dream of your husband sleeping with other women indicates a good fortune and a clear mind. You will have a clear goal for what you will do next, and you will work hard for it, and you will get good results. It is a good sign.

To dream of your husband sleeping with other women and making love indicates that there will be twists and turns in love, and it is also easy to argue about trivial matters in life. It is recommended that you learn to understand and tolerate each other. Only in this way can you have a long relationship and avoid long-term quarrels. Hurt feelings.

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