Dreaming about clothes buttons falling off dream analysis

1. Image and inner loneliness

Failure to button the shirt means that you have experienced something that is embarrassing, detrimental to your image, and feels unnatural in your heart.

Being with friends means that you are lonely at heart, hoping to communicate with others, hoping that others can listen to what is inside.

Sending away friends means that one can only face one's own affairs independently, and no one can provide any help and support for oneself.

2. Hope to get rid of the status quo

When I went to the other side of the road, I found that the absence of a ladder meant that I wanted to leave the current environment, but because there were no suitable conditions and methods, I couldn't get rid of the status quo.

The meaning of the dream in this section: I hope to get rid of the status quo, but I cannot find the people and conditions to get rid of the status quo.

3. Continue the status quo

Going back means returning to the previous environment; lying down somehow means obedience to him and waiting for the mercy of others. That man’s dog licked my face with his tongue, which meant that he longed for others to soothe and love himself; the dog bites himself , that dog replaces the fact that men do harm to themselves in reality. You can’t see his appearance, but You don't recognize in your consciousness that men in reality have caused you harm. Your pain is the pain in your heart, and the blood you shed is the hard work you paid, that is, your heart has been hurt.

If I return to the status quo, I hope to be able to receive the man’s consideration and care, but is this man willing to be considerate of himself? Can he heal his wounds?

Fourth, hope that life can be stable and stable

Going back to your hometown is a kind of sustenance, the safety of your hometown, and the stability of your hometown; talking to people you know also means that you want to communicate with others and get recognition. Hope that others can liberate yourself.

The image of the cow is insensitive, honest, stubborn, and obedient. It has been standing: it shows that it is following itself, will not leave, will not betray.

It seems to say some ghostly things, which means some negative things that are thought in the heart and hope to be able to communicate and discuss with others.

The cow fell down as if it was beaten, and it also fell to death a little duck. Its being beaten shows that the damage was not due to its own cause, but other reasons. Of course, there is the responsibility of shirking the damage caused by it. Come out, and deny that it is because of self-inflicted harm. The cow in the dream is replaced by a boyfriend, and the little duck is replaced by yourself, so that while the man is hurt, you are also hurt as well.

Holding a cow and crying means that I care about other people's feelings and put my own pain aside.

His dying is to show his dedication to you. He only has Ruby Lin in his heart to show that you have failed. This is because your opponent is a powerful Ruby Lin, so if you fail, your heart is still relatively easy to accept.

Dreaming of clothes buttons falling off

Because you don’t get the happiness and safety you deserve from boys now, all you can feel is pain and fatigue. You want to escape from the current state, but because you don’t have enough conditions to get rid of the status quo and gain Ascension, so I hope he can continue to soothe his wounds, but what he gives himself is only continued harm.

When the person who once fell in love breaks up is always responsible and blamed, but there are differences and gaps between the two but cannot be reconciled and dealt with, then the breakup is inevitable. Once you break up with him, oneself Don’t want to take responsibility for the breakup, and it’s best if it is due to other reasons or because of his betrayal, so that you can justify it and let yourself and others blame him.

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